Musée de l’Erotisisme + Dinner with Luisa

Sorry Mom and Dad, but this post has some explicit content on it! Beware!

March 18th, 2015

This being a Wednesday, I got out of class around 3pm, and decided to do something else with my day besides go straight home and watch Netflix, which becomes pretty normal for me after school, at home and abroad apparently. Hey, school really wears me out, hehe! Today I decided to visit an area of Paris called Pigalle, which is near Montmartre, and is an area notorious for its sex shops and the famous cabaret, The Moulin Rouge. I got off on metro stop “Blanche” which is on the same line I take to and from school, so I didn’t have to go out of my way.

When you come up from the metro, you are face to face with the Moulin Rouge, and it was not exactly what I had expected from seeing it in movies, and in all my Paris calendars. It is on a really busy street, so there are always cars and buses stopped in front of it, making it hard to get a really good photo. It is also not free standing, but just in between two normal-looking buildings. Since it was the day time, it wasn’t lit up of course, but I was happy to have finally gotten my first glimpse of something I ALWAYS see in Paris-related media.


A short walk down the same street, (Boulevard de Clichy), is a museum I had a lot of interest in visiting, and it is a little unusual.

It is called Musée de l’Erotisisme and it is a 5 story museum dedicated to erotic and sexual art from all over the world. I’m not going to go into too many details, but it was quite interesting to say the least. After I took a class in sexual psychology at UNM, I really gained an interest in sex, culture, sexuality, etc., so I was super interested in seeing this museum. They have art from all over the world including Mexico, Japan, China, Africa, Greece, France, and many others. Their stuff is also from all different eras ranging from ancient times to the present. There wasn’t much from America, they had a few Aztec and Inca type stuff, but very few things from the United States. They had a lot of statues and masks and things that were probably used for ceremonial purposes, some was just pure artwork, and some were household items like vases. There was some photography and paintings as well as decorative statues. Some of it was downright disturbing and made me uncomfortable, but most of it was interesting and even pretty. They even had TV’s with early porn from around the 20’s, but it felt weird to watch in front of the few other people in the museum with me. There weren’t really very many people in there though and a lot of the time I was the only person in the room, which made it a little less awkward.

I was snap-chatting pictures of these crazy art pieces and artifacts to some of my friends at home, which was hilarious because it really took them by surprise, and especially for people who haven’t studied as much about cultural sexual practices as I have, it’s pretty shocking. I had some fun with that, and I’m sure my friends all won’t forget that!

I took a few pictures and I’ll go ahead and post them even though they are a inappropriate, but trust me when I say that it got a lot more explicit than this, haha!



IMG_7974 IMG_7975 IMG_7976  IMG_7978 IMG_7979IMG_7977

So, a funny story.. As I said earlier, this museum is five stories, and you start at the bottom and work your way up, so when you’re done you walk all the way back down. They had a really beautiful marble staircase, and as I was walking down, almost to the ground level, I slipped on the solid, polished marble, and fell straight onto my ass. It hurt sooo bad and made a really loud thump! I’m pretty sure the people on the ground floor would have been able to see my feet but no one actually saw me fall, but I am sure the noise and my grunt of pain were noticed. It was pretty funny, but really did hurt and left a bruise on my side. Thought it was perfect that I had an embarrassing fall in a fairly awkward place such as a sex museum ;)

To summarize, I thought the museum of Erotisism was very well-done and classy, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get away from the “normal” art scene in Paris and see something a little more.. Stimulating.


After I left the museum, I had to head home, because I invited Luisa over to my apartment for dinner. Danielle was out of town at her other country house, so we would have the kitchen to ourselves. Gisele sadly couldn’t come but it gave me a chance to get to know Luisa (my other Brazilian friend) a little better.

It was her first time visiting my side of town and she was pleasantly surprised. We spent a bit of time deciding what to make for dinner because we have really different tastes, but when we finally decided, we walked over to Monoprix where I did my grocery shopping, and bought the ingredients for our meal. On the way back, we stopped at the bakery that is just next door to my building and bought a baguette. We had good timing because they just got a fresh batch and the bread was still hot. Luisa was amazed by this because in her neighborhood, her nearest bakery is a 20 minute walk and she said she’s never gotten a warm baguette. I told her mine are often straight out of the oven, and I had 4 bakeries within a 5 minute walk, and she was jealous. It really made me appreciate my neighborhood, which many people think is not a great place to live in Paris.

We got to cooking, and she already knew I was no cook, so I left most of it to her and was her assistant when she needed me, We made a tart filled with ingredients I would have never put together. Apples, onions, Vieux Pané cheese, which is a soft Loire Valley cheese, and some eggs over the top. I know that sounds like a weird combination, and I was pretty iffy about it, but Luisa was confident in it. We also made a small salad and drank a couple bottles of white wine. The tart was very pretty, and I was dazzled and surprised at how good it tasted!


We only ate about half of it so we really needed Gisele to help us finish it, but it was super yummy, and for desert I whipped out some raspberry ice cream I had and we crushed up some dark chocolate to put over it. I learned that Luisa, like me, has a huge sweet tooth and needs desert, so we matched perfectly.

We talked a lot and learned a lot about each other through some great conversation. It was a really nice dinner and the first time I had anyone over to my house! I really enjoyed her company.

She left around 11 to make it back to her house all the way on the other side of Paris before the metro closed, and I did the dishes and cleaned up, then probably spent the rest of the night pretending I was doing homework but actually watching Netflix.

A successful day in my opinion! :)

A bientôt,



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