Dinner and a Movie with Gisele


February 7th, 2015

Just for a quick recap of a pleasant night out I had, with the best friend I’ve made at Dauphine so far, Gisele. Being that neither of us had plans, wanted to do something together, and are both taking a French cinema class at school, we decided to hit the movies. We met up at the Gaumont theater on the Champs Élysées, and we chose a French movie called La Famille Bélier, without English subtitles. It was a Saturday night and there was hardly anyone at the theater. It could be that there are over 400 movie theaters to choose from in Paris! I’m learning in my cinema class that people come from all over the world to visit Paris just for all the movie theaters, and that the French watch a lot of movies. However, you wouldn’t have known it from how many people were out at this theater. I’m actually happy there weren’t many people there because unlike American theaters which are super sloped, this one was flat so if people were in front of us, we wouldn’t have been able to see!


We were worried about being able to fully understand the movie without subtitles, we are both pretty good at understanding French, but in movies they speak fast, and you can’t ask them to repeat. Luckily as the movie got going, we had no trouble knowing what was going on. Of course we didn’t understand everything they said, but as time goes on you get better at listening. It was a feel-good movie about a family living in rural France on a farm. The mother, father, and son are all deaf, and the daughter is the only one who can hear, making her their only real means of communicating with the world. It makes it hard for her to have her own individuality and personal life when she constantly has to be a translator for her family. Won’t go into the details because you probably don’t care whatsoever, but it had some funny moments, and had a pretty touching ending that had Gisele and I both tearing up a little. Even though the situation is unique, anyone can relate to family films like this. I’d give the film a thumbs up for a family flick, and was definitely a good choice for my first French movie theater experience


Afterwords, we were both hungry and decided to grab a bite to eat. She suggested a restaurant near her apartment in the Ternes neighborhood. It was a short metro ride away, and while we were on it, I got a call saying from an unknown number in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Confused about who it could be, I answered and heard my mom’s voice on the other end. She was testing out the new (recycled) phone number that my grandparents got in order to have an international calling plan, just to talk to me. I’m not even sure how my phone had service, I usually get absolutely none in the metro, but somehow I got enough to have a short talk with my Grandmommy who of course wanted to have a full conversation and hear about everything. I let her know I was with a friend and that I would call soon. It was nice to hear from them (:

We got to her metro stop, and walked to the restaurant. It was a burger place, and was pretty full, we would have had to wait a while for a table inside, so we decided to sit outside near a heat lamp. It was pretty chilly but we thought it would be fine. We both ordered burgers but she asked for hers without the bun, and it was then that I realized that Gisele has Celiac disease, (can’t eat gluten.) The burgers came and looked great.. Don’t know how I’m living in Paris and keep managing to go to burger places instead of real French food, but oh well!

I did my normal (corny) burger ritual, which is make the initials MJ with my condiments, which stands of Michelle and Julian.. I know, really corny, but I always do it. Gisele thought it was cute and wanted me to take a picture (:



We each took a picture with our burger, don’t know why we were being so touristy, but got a couple cute pictures:


We also got the waiter to take our picture together (:


And finally we dug into our burgers before they got too cold!

After we got done eating, we sat there for a good while talking and really getting to know each other better. We were having some really nice conversation, and stayed until our little toes were about to freeze off. We became really cold, and she walked me back to the metro, and I went home to tell Danielle all about it.

It was a really nice night and change of pace for me to get out of the house in the evening (:


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